Periscope: The View From Within an Alzheimer's Submarine

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Periscope: The View From Within an Alzheimer's Submarine

Imagine viewing the world thru a periscope, there's a limited view, and just one pipe that everything needs to get thru. In contrast, adults without Alzheimer's have learned to take in a "wide-view" of the things around us.

For example, while driving we're constantly looking at the side-mirrors, back mirrors, watching our speed, the sidewalks for pedestrians and kids, etc. An Alzheimer's tank is much more methodical and brute force. It sees dinner and goes to eat dinner, there's no idle chit-chat to distract.

Keep this in mind when trying to get someone with Alzheimer's to do something, just focus on conveying only the information necessary to get down that periscope. He'll be watching and waiting.



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