Coconut Oil and Alzheimer's Disease

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Coconut Oil: Does It Really Slow the Progression of Alzeimers?

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer's Disease

There have been many individual reports about the positive effectiveness when coconut oil is taken internally by Alzheimer's patients. Dr. Mary Newport, a pediatrician, has written extensively about the role that ketones can play in slowing down the effects of this disease. Her husband has Alzheimer's.

Ketones normally occur within the human body as a by product when the fats are broken down. Dr Newport suggests that by boosting their levels, some neurological disorders may benefit. Coconut oil is a fat called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). After this type of fat is changed into ketones within the liver, it is able to deliver energy to the brain. The belief for some is that it can restore the energy lost by the inability for the human body to make insulin that once guided the glucose into human cells. This causes the brain and other organs to regain the nourishment that has previously been lost.

According to Elizabeth Edgerly, Ph.D for the Alzheimer's Association of the North Carolina and Northern Nevada Chapter, it is best to discuss this issue with the doctor before giving coconut oil to any Alzheimer's patient. She suggests that, as with anything, this should be done to make sure that there is no harm in trying out this new digestible diet. Dr. Edgerly further says that the difficulty is that there have not been any large studies done. Without these studies, verification cannot be made. There is no actual data suggesting that coconut oil can improve the current physical and mental effects of patients with Alzheimer's disease or any other neurological problems.



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