Clear the Clutter I - The Bathroom. Be Alzheimer's Safe

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Clear the Clutter I - The Bathroom. Be Alzheimer's Safe




Imagine yourself in an Alzheimer's world. Your memory is going and you can't remember if you just did something. You turn to ingrained routines and clues for what to do. What happens if there are so many clues and things to look at that you get confused, uncertain, just lost in it all? Wouldn't it be nice if there was a nice simple environment and routine to get you thru the day?

Take a look at what is in the bathroom of person with Alzheimer's. Do they need 4 types of shampoo, conditioner, five sets of towels, some flower trinkets here and there, a slip rug on the ground, a radio, several toothbrushes, medicine and cotton balls?

I remember the day my dad used the mouthwash as shampoo, hey -- an easy mistake.

Instead observe what they use and need. The toothbrush, toothpaste, a cup, a facecloth, a comb. That's it. All in front of them ready to go. They just look down and know what to do. Brush teeth, wash face, comb hair. That's it.

All the other stuff goes away, reduce, remove.

Then you can relax.



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