It's broke - don't fix it: The Alzheimer's Jalopy

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It's broke - don't fix it: The Alzheimer's Jalopy

If a person has no leg, we try to fix that by giving him a prosthetic. If the bicycle has a broken bell, we go buy a new one. If the computer has a virus, we run the anti-virus program. We are a society used to fixing things. But with Alzheimer's, parts of the brain are broken and we don't have a mental-prosthetic, and we can't fix what's broken inside that brain. After you've tried the ginko-biloba, the notebook, the Aricept, the repeated's time to let things go. Parts are broken, you don't need to fix it. You can't fix it. Pops keeps calling Sue, Patty. Mom keeps re-arranging the dresser drawer. You can't remember what you had for lunch. It's okay, that's the world now. Let it be.



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