Create a Comfort Zone: Getting Groovy with Alzheimer's

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Create a Comfort Zone: Getting Groovy with Alzheimer's

Our society doesn't have much for old folks that need supervision to do. Young kids have soccer games, kindergarten, school, clubs, play-dates, piano lessons and such to keep them active during the day, but what about for old folks? If you're lucky, your elder will have a hobby they still enjoy or can do. If not, it may help to create a "Comfort Zone." This could be a desk with with their favorite photo albums and knick-knacks within easy reach. Or it could be a comfortable armchair with towels to fold or newspapers to read. Look for what things they enjoy and can spend hours on occupying themselves. It's okay to let go of the idea that they need to do the complex hobbies and tasks of the past, with Alzheimer's it's comfort we're looking for these days.



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